Tuesday, March 20, 2012

not about me, ALL about HIM

Well, here's to my first blog! I am SO confused!! Hopefully it will only take me a couple days to figure all this out... I don't know where you all find your cute backgrounds but whatever I'm on, doesn't have cute backgrounds...And is there any way I can put a picture at the top? Help...?

Anyways, I wanted to start a blog up for while I'm in Africa especially.  I will be taking off in a little over two months and I am SO excited!! The Lord has surely blessed me in an opportunity to spend about 3 months at my 2nd home. I can't wait to place my feet on that beautiful African soil! This blog is a way for you to stay connected with me, and for me to stay connected with you, while I'm pretty much on the other side of the world...Yes, technology is nice at times such as these. And so I can share with you all the awesome things the Lord is doing over there.

I love to write... share my ideas... my heart... I believe I will keep this blog going on after Africa.  I named this blog 'all about Him.'  The Lord has been teaching me so much lately that it truly is ALL about HIM. It is NOT about me, about my wants, about my dreams, about getting farther and farther up on the 'success ladder', about getting rich and living this perfect American Dream life, etc. No... Instead, it's the complete opposite of that... It is about the Lord's will being done in my life. It is about Him taking the pen and writing my life story however He chooses. It is about living to worship Him. It is about giving Him all the glory for everything He so deserves. It is about making His Name known, not mine. I just got done reading I Am Not but I Know I AM by Louie Giglio. Excellent book...Highly recommend it! The title says it all... I Am Not but I Know I Am... I am nothing. It is not about me. But I know I AM. The GREAT I AM. And it is ALL about Him. What if we went about our everyday life knowing and saying it is not about me, it is ALL about Him? I am not, but I know I AM.

This blog is about me learning every single day that it is not about me. A journey of dying to myself daily to live for Christ. The opposite of what the world says...While the world says it's all about you and what you want and what makes you happy and you you you...Actually, it's about God, what He wants and has for your life, making His Name known, giving Him the glory for everything. He died for us, and we have done nothing even close to that for Him, so why should we get any glory for anything?

It. Is. All. About. Him.


  1. Emily I love your blog - and oh how true! We must die to self to carry out the Lord's will for our lives. Love your title - can't wait to read about the story the Lord writes for your life. We will be following your blog but most of all praying for your every step. We Love you. Don and Kathy

  2. Thank you so much! And most of all, thank you for your prayers...They are greatly appreciated!! Love you

  3. behind you all the way & love your heart for africa :)

  4. You're SO special to me, Mrs. Kathy! More than you will ever know. So thankful for YOUR heart for Africa!